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Sign up for one of our Standards and Training for Corrections approved certificate programs. We will improve performance and communication in the work environment and address how family dynamics is relevant to childhood development and the relationship to drug dependency.

Law Enforcement Agencies Approved Certificates

Improve Performance and Results in the Work Environment

Course Information

Status: STC Approved
Cert. Number: 06173557
Expiration Date: 3/19/2020

Course Summary

During this course we discuss the 4 Different Thinking and Learning Styles (quadrants) that you use while at work and home. Each person has certain thinking preferences, some strong, others intermediate. Those preferences can develop into power and influence over others. And without the awareness of those preferences, you may fall victim to blind spots when it comes to others ways of thinking. Applying The Functional Brain thinking (Whole Brain®) means being able to fully understand one’s own preference or way of thinking. Once participants understand how and why others communicate and think differently this understanding will improve performance and communication in the work environment.

Performance Objectives

  1. Identify the 4 quadrants of the brain and your preferences.
  2. Identify your thinking and learning preferences and their order of preference
  3. After identifying your learning and thinking preference you will be able to identify what situation you function best in when for performing a task.
  4. In a given scenario participants will be able to identify their least preferred quadrant of the brain.
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Substance Abuse and The Role of Family Dynamics

Course Information

Status: STC Approved
Cert. Number: 00801860
Expiration Date: 3/13/2020

Course Summary

In this course, you will learn, address, and discuss the role of family dynamics/dysfunction and how it is relevant to childhood development, as well as the relationship to drug dependency. We will discuss the “disease” and “choice” concept of drug dependency and its impact on public opinion. This course will discuss and describe the “TRUTH” of illicit drug and alcohol dependency. In other words, what “need” is being met by consuming illicit drugs/alcohol for an extended period of time. We will use relevant sources such as true stories, video, handouts and feedback/discussion from the participants.

Performance Objectives

  1. Participants will be able to describe the difference between a disease and a choice.
  2. Participants will be able to identify what specific “Needs” are being met consuming Illicit Drugs & Alcohol.
  3. During group exercise, participants will discuss and applying empathy to understand the individuals need for drug and alcohol dependency.
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