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Drugs Became My Friend

April 3, 2013 Dear Mr. Oden I’m writing this letter on behalf of the gratitude I’m feeling for all the hope you’ve given me. As you are aware of the... Continue Reading

Bad Drinking Habits and Drug Use

Re-published 09/2013 10/2006 Date: Effective immediately To: If it applies, apply; if not, let it fly From: Your nephew, very possibly others too Re: Unsettled issues It’s amazing what thought, paper,... Continue Reading

Cocaine Eases the Pain

FREE AT LAST-Cocaine addiction is no  longer my friend Hello, I’d like t begin my story by telling you how my life got turned upside down, mind you I’ve been... Continue Reading


04/25/2007 Dear Michael Oden I don’t think you remember me at all. I was on Probation last year and saw you once because my Probation Officer wasn’t there. Anyways, the reason I’m... Continue Reading


4/2012 My name is Ron, I’m 42 and have used drugs since I was 20 years old. I used to think that the reason I used was because I was... Continue Reading


Hi, Michael, One of my beneficiaries said you spoke into his life – you said things no one has ever said before and you helped him understand. I believe God... Continue Reading