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What makes a bully?

What Makes a “Bully?” The Week of October 9th Make friends with someone you don’t know at school As we have heard in the local and national news, social media,... Continue Reading

Thinking leadership style

How we think is behind everything we do. It directs what we pay attention to, how we process information, how we interact with others and how we make decisions. It’s... Continue Reading

Extremely helpful

Hi Michael, I would like to thank you for all of the time and work you spent with me during our time together. You were extremely helpful and helped me... Continue Reading

Powerful Women in Live Video

We’re excited to be celebrating some of the most powerful women in LiveVideo. Join Periscope, Twitter, YouTube… basically all social media female juggernauts to talk about: The power of building... Continue Reading

Understanding Anger

  Join our Anger Management Class Where does anger originate? What you will take away this week is Understanding anger. How to control your anger. Anger is an emotion that can... Continue Reading

Anger Management group

Are you always angry? Do small things set you off? Do you want to find out why? Join our ongoing Anger Management group. Sign up here: Anger management group Is... Continue Reading