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As a counselor and Human Behavioral Specialist, “I was determined to go behind the scenes with my clients and come to understand what specific social and emotional needs were being met by consuming drugs day after day and year after year. And what led them into this abyss of death and dependency. Something must be triggering the behavior or why would a rational person choose this type of behavior?” – Michael S. Oden

These are learning videos that I believe will give you some understanding. “Helping people get rid of emotional pain.”

You’re never too young to learn The Needs Based Method.

Teaching 1400 Teens at Bishop Amat Memorial High School co-ed Catholic high school The Needs Based Method, they listen attentively and interacted during Drug Awareness Week Program. All teens want is for there caretaker to listen and understand them. Not only about school but also their everyday struggle of being a Teen.

Understanding how not getting specific needs met, directly impacts your emotions, your decisions, your beliefs about yourself and how you relate to others.

Introducing the author of “When Nobody’s Home” Michael S. Oden in New Jersey by Mila Jasey

Introducing When Nobody’s Home by the author.

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