What is Ego Strength‬

What is Ego Strength? Those with little ego strength may feel torn between these competing demands while those with too much ego strength can become too unyielding and rigid. Ego strength helps us maintain emotional stability and cope with internal and external stress. Weak Ego Strength will wish the situation will vanish. Someone who is […]

Road Rage

Understanding And Deescalating Road Rage Road rage is taking over the front page of the news with drivers acting aggressively and taking matters into their own hands. Road rage can lead to altercations, assaults and collisions that result in serious physical injuries or even death. One has to wonder what would provoke an individual to take […]

Understanding your partner

Understanding your partner for a better Relationship Goals. Common relationship hiccups. Unsolicited advice from women. Why do women like to give unsolicited advice to their partners? Is it in their DNA or is it a trust issue? I like to get your feedback on this subject. For what I have found out from the couples that […]

Powerful Women in Live Video

We’re excited to be celebrating some of the most powerful women in LiveVideo. Join Periscope,Twitter,YouTube… basically all social media female juggernauts to talk about: The power of building a community *Starting your process *Being a role model *What being a female influencer in tech means today We had an amazing panel. #SummitLive

Why do Relationships Fall Apart?

? ? Why do Relationships Fall Apart? Understanding your partner for a better Relationship. Here are some common couple hiccups.        Why do women offer unsolicited advice.       Understand how men and women cope with stress.       Why don’t men listen? Send us your questions and concern about your relationships […]

Are You Really a Successful Leader?

Are you really a Successful Leader written by a High School Senior class of 2015 . I find it appropriate to publish during graduation season.  I have participated in leadership training activities and programs since about 5thgrade. Throughout the years I have learned so many valuable tips and traits of being a good and successful […]

How Does Your Childhood Impact Your Future?

How does your childhood impact your future? Sure it does, and fatherless children suffer the most. “When Nobody’s Home” sheds light on how traumatic experiences in childhood may impact ones choice to engage in long term drug/alcohol dependency to meet certain social/emotional needs. I have conducted 8000+ interviews with alcohol and drug offenders for over […]

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