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Michael S. Oden & The Final Step

“Just ask why.” “Why do you choose this path? Making sense of your life with Awareness & Understanding. The Final Step founded by Michael S. Oden is a unique program that uncovers the underlying issues that may cause life-diminishing behavior. We have been successful since 1998 in helping men and women change and improve their personal and professional lives by focusing on the “core” issues. As a Alcohol and Drug Counselor I can help you become aware as to why you do what you do.

During coaching sessions clients gain a greater understanding of why they think, feel and behave the way that they do. By offering people practical tools to take with them and to apply these tools to certain behaviors they want to change in their life.  By combining “The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI),” a cutting edge thinking & learning styles technology, “Non-Violent Communication” a technique that reduces conflict & connects people to life giving communication we have developed a program called, “The Needs Based Method®.” a methodology that helps clients understand how past experiences and their most difficult challenges have impacted how they interpret and how they function in their world.

Our coaching sessions are filled with invaluable tools that will provide the necessary skills to transform relationships with those around us and to ourselves.

 How Is This Process Different?

The process that we use when healing those who have abused alcohol and drugs for an extensive period of time is based on a therapeutic technique called The Needs Based Method®.  We focus on the client’s needs and feelings at the time he/she is consuming drugs or alcohol or exhibits life diminishing behavior.  Our initial concern is to inquire about the social/emotional needs that were not met by the caretakers at a particular stage in a person’s life and how those “lack” of needs influenced how s/he interacts in their world.  Once the individual gets an understanding and awareness of how the needs were met or not met by the caretaker or by a tragic event (i.e. Divorce, death or no employment) the individual can begin to see how those events caused them to make life diminishing decisions (i.e. Drug use, exhibiting anger or other negative behavior).  The individual now has an answer as to why and how they met their need(s) for emotional safety, tragically, through drug use. Now the healing process can begin where there is no blame or shame for all parties involved, we call that empathy. The individual does not have to live in fear of his/her past or allow the past to affect their present behavior because they are now “free and at peace” with their past and are able to Think to be Different.

Please see  the Testimonials Page to learn more about the positive changes people have made in their lives.

Michael S. Oden – Comprehensive Therapist. Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Speaker. Author

Hello, everyone, my name is Michael S.Oden, M.A. I am the Founder of The Final Step and The Needs Based Method”®. We offer Drug Free Counseling and a highly personalized approach tailored to each of our clients individual needs to help attain the personal growth they’re striving for. In conjunction with The Final Step and “The Needs Based Method”® we are the only program that utilizes these process that is guaranteed to eliminate the emotional burden and at the same time recognize what needs are not being meet.

Our Commitment to you is:

  • -A mentor who will give you insight about yourself and your life.
  • -Learn to understand and shed “old” life-diminishing beliefs or values.
  • -Understanding the impact of your childhood and how you became the person you are.
  • -Exposing the truth/so you can move through life without hesitation and live a Drug Free life
  • -Provide and prepare you with the appropriate tools to battle any emotional burden that will come your way.

We are Behavioral Specialist, Speaker, Life Coaches and Wellness Coach. Our program is unique and is guaranteed that you will have your answer to your situation.

Why It Works.

Michael knows firsthand that “The Needs Based Method®” works because he has used this method with over 8000+ drug and alcohol dependent clients over the past 15 years. His success rate with his clients is a remarkable 80%, the state average pales in comparison with only a 10% success rate. He published a book on these topics titled “When Nobody’s Home.”


The Needs Based Method

“I want my clients to “wake up” and understand that their inability to make positive decisions is not their fault.”

Michael S. Oden

Once Michael helps his clients uncover the needs that are being met by using excessive amounts of drugs and alcohol and the feelings behind those needs, his clients report experiencing a huge emotional burden being lifted and a new sense of freedom to make life serving choices. During sessions, Michael never points the finger at his clients for doing what they did.  He offers them empathy and understanding.  He then discovered that his clients appreciate that they were not given the label “addict” or “diseased” and “meetings didn’t have to last a life time.” By not labeling, he discovered that approach gives his clients hope and self-respect.  He relates to his clients as human beings who used narcotics to meet various social/emotional needs for an extended period of time, tragically, or in a life diminishing manner. Once the client(s) grasp their understanding and awareness of his technique, they were relieved that someone, out there, was finally telling them the truth.

The Final Step & The Needs Based Method



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