The Final Step by Michael S. Oden

The Final Step is a unique program that uncovers the "Why" to your life-diminishing behavior so you can make the necessary changes. We have been successful for over 15 years in helping men and women shift and improve their personal and professional lives by focusing on the “core” issues. We are dedicated to helping you and your loved ones find solutions to a wide range of life challenges, emotional issues, and addictions.

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    What is Ego Strength? Those with little ego strength may feel torn between these competing demands while those with too much ego strength can become too unyielding and rigid. Ego strength helps us maintain emotional stability and cope with internal and external stress. Weak Ego Strength will wish the situation will vanish. Someone who is […]

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  • Road Rage

    Understanding And Deescalating Road Rage Road rage is taking over the front page of the news with drivers acting aggressively and taking matters into their own hands. Road rage can lead to altercations, assaults and collisions that result in serious physical injuries or even death. One has to wonder what would provoke an individual to take […]

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  • Understanding your partner

    Understanding your partner for a better Relationship Goals. Common relationship hiccups. Unsolicited advice from women. Why do women like to give unsolicited advice to their partners? Is it in their DNA or is it a trust issue? I like to get your feedback on this subject. For what I have found out from the couples that […]

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It was really a relief to know that not everyone has lost hope when it comes to probationers and that a more than “10% success rate” is actually possible. Result is possible with The Needs Based Method by The Final Step


When I left our session it was like I was walking lighter on my feet. Seriously, I actually wanted to pay you more for the great service you provided me. I appreciate the fact that you are a real person, not the gum shoe by the book hack who hates the people and hates the profession. You took time with me to connect on many social and emotional levels. I look forward learning more about myself and the necessary changes I need to make.

As I commence in living a useful and fulfilling life, it is my hope that many others become the recipients of this method of case management.

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