The Final Step by Michael S. Oden

The Final Step founded by Michael S. Oden is a unique program that uncovers the underlying issues that may cause life-diminishing behavior. We have been successful for over 15 years in helping men and women change and improve their personal and professional lives by focusing on the “core” issues.

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  • Does your childhood impacts your future?

    From my book "When Nobody's Home" on Amazon

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  • Approximately 90% of our resolutions fail

    Happy New Year! Approximately 90% of our resolutions fail. New year resolutions 2015 Do’s and Don’ts Do’s and Don’ts Do be selfish Do understand why you do what you do. Do take a look at old wounds from the past and begin to heal them. Do understand what “stops” you from moving forward. Do know […]

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  • New Year Resolutions 2015 another unmet resolution

    2015 a new year and yet another unmet resolution As a New Year begins we want to make a fresh start with our lives. We want to do something different. We want to make some sort of change that will improve who we are as “individuals” be it professionally, personally, socially, or esthetically. So, we […]

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